Carer's Experience Medical Neglect

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This is part of the first known of letter, dated 19th March 1996, in which this (GP!) attacks my character, and is addressed to a Hospital Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon.

"You may remember she attended you towards the end of 1994 with a problem of chronic abdominal pain which may be related to her known diverticular disease. She continues to complain of a number of GI symptoms including nausea and a churning feeling in the abdomen."

"I, myself, feel that her symptoms are to some extent exacerbated by her son's unrealistic expectations of what his mother's health should be like at 87 years. I find him a very intense and anxious individual and terribly introspective regarding his mother's health and I think some of his anxiety is transmitted to his mother. He also seems to have an interest in things medical in that he frequently asks the clinical findings when I have examined his mother and frequently asks for new forms of medication to relieve his mother's abdominal discomfort. She has been tried on a variety of antimedics and antispasmodics which have all been of little or no benefit."

"On the numerous occasions I have visited Mrs. Stewart I have suggested to her son that acceptance of the discomfort on both his and his mother's behalf would perhaps make it easier to live with."

"I last visited Mrs. Stewart yesterday when she had a dizzy turn and I understand following my visit her son contacted a Professor at Ninewells Hospital, a GI physician in Middlesex and a Drug Company for further advice on his mother's condition."

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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