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This letter of the 16th December 1996 was from a GP to the Hospital.

"....she continues to complain of malaise, lethargy, intermittent nausea and dizzy spells. The dizzy spells occasionally result in her falling from which she has great difficulty in rising.

I also note that when she was in under your care in the DME in May of this year she had numerous investigations including a CT of the brain all of which were normal. On examination there remains very little to find.

Her son, who is her main carer, was noted by one of my colleagues to be a rather anxious gentleman who is very intense and perhaps certainly unrealistic about his mother's state of health."

The letter of 12th February 1997 was the DME Head's reply.

"The patient herself was unable to give a history but her devoted son, was so anxious about her wellbeing was able to furnish further background information.

....the patient is troubled by her usual "churning" sensation in her abdomen as if there were trapped wind.

....abdominal examination revealed a para umbilical hernia and obesity only.

....I reassured the patient and her son that I had found nothing new....

I shall write to you again when the results of the investigations are to hand."

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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