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This letter is from a Hospital DME consultant on the 21st April 1997 to the surgery.

Transferred from Acute Receiving Unit: 20/3/97
Discharged: 10/4/97
Diagnoses:   1. Possible seizure
2. Cerebrovascular disease
3. Urinary tract infection
4. Social problems

"This 88 year old woman was admitted initially to the Acute Receiving Unit on 19/3/97 having apparently become unresponsive at home with some tonic movement of her arms. You will be aware that Mrs. Stewart was not a good witness and that most of the story came from her son. She was found after transfer from Ward 20 to have a bradycardia and symptoms of a urinary tract infection, which was confirmed by MSSU. This was treated satisfactorily with Ofloxacin and her temperature came down. A 24 hour tape was normal and although initially fairly dependent, she came on well with physiotherapy. She was quite agitated in the ward at times, and this has been noted before. Renal function was good and liver function tests were normal."

"A Urological opinion was sought because of recurrent retentions of urine, and they felt that she should be started on Flomax and toileted every 3 - 4 hours. We made a referral to Social Work to try and sort out her home circumstances and we understand that the area social work team is going to take up the case again."

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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