Carer's Experience Medical Neglect

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This letter of 26th June 1997 was from DME to the surgery.

"I visited the house just before mid-day. Mrs. Stewart was still asleep and her son had just got out of his bed. I understand that following our referral back to Govan Social Work Department, that the Home Care person has been out and has now supplied a bath lift which has not yet been used.

....the son tells me that he cut back the Flomax MR to one tablet every second day.
He refuses to countenance residential care or private nursing home for his mother, but wants to continue looking after his mother in all ways. I am not quite sure how realistic this is. Clearly to me she would benefit from the stimulation a residential home would provide for her but he is not keen to let her go to a Day Centre in the area. I think her recurrent urinary tract infections are an intractable problem, and I emphasised how frail she really is to her son.

It is difficult to see how this impasse can be breached. I suspect that crisis intervention is really the only course of action at the present time."

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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