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This letter from Dr(GP!) is another example of his attacks upon myself. It was addressed to the same District Nursing Sister who was involved in the later blood sample fiasco, the Case Conference and the one who accused me of not coping.

"I had a phone call from Mrs. Stewart's son today requesting that his mother's district nurse input be increased from its present level which is once per month."

"He feels that she requires more frequent skin care...."

"He also requests that she have weekly dipstick urine tests as she has a history of recurrent UTIs. I have explained to him that the latter request is unrealistic in view of the pressure of work the District Nursing Service is under and I am sure you are aware he is an eccentric and unrealistic individual."

"However, would it be possible to see Mrs. Stewart a bit more often in order to keep him happy."

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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