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After my Mother's discharge following that "Case Conference", the Consultant in charge sent this letter to the Surgery. It is worded such that it gives a false impression of my reservations, and also shows that he was being fed lies by others. It refers wrongly about disagreement between sons and District Nursing/Social Work.

"The patient was initially extremely unwell and her survival was in some doubt. However with intensive therapy she rallied and returned largely to her premorbid condition."

"However she remains extremely frail, dependent and with potential skin problems."

"....a case conference was held on 24.10.97 with .... Senior Social Worker from the Southern General Hospital, Sister .... from the district nursing service, myself, Nurse .... and Mrs. Stewart's two sons. The background to the problems the district nurses perceive will be familiar to you and the arguments were again thoroughly rehearsed about why it would be preferable to have a hospital bed within the family home. Neither of the Mr. Stewarts accepted this and I felt we would still be debating this point late in to Friday night. Given Mrs. Stewart's indication that she wishes to return home and given the son's wishes to continue to care for her we eventually agreed that we would allow a return home - that the sons would allow supervision on a daily basis if necessary by the district nurses with respect to Mrs. Stewart's skin care. I should point out that Mr. Ian Stewart did express some reservations about this although he eventually conceded that he would allow the nurses access."

"I have emphasised again to the sons the likely progression of her dementing illness and the likely increasing frailty and problems that nursing at home is likely to bring. There has been considerable disagreement between the sons and the district nursing service as well as the local authority social workers in the past and I emphasised to all concerned at the case conference that we were looking for a fresh start to planning Mrs. Stewart's care."

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