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The following articles are related to the Daily Mail's CAMPAIGN (DIGNITY FOR THE ELDERLY) and also to the failings of the NHS in its lack of care.

Daily Mail

"Minister admits elderly starve in hospitals"/ Benedict Brogan - 22 January 2007

"Hospital's atrocious neglect cost my mother her life"/ Paul Sims and Steve Doughty - 16 February 2007

"Nursing home no better than a workhouse"/ (Letters Page) - 19 February 2007

"Caring for the carers"/ Editorial Comment - 21 February 2007

"Why we must all care for the carers"/ Gordon Brown - 21 February 2007
I look upon this article with a very jaundiced eye and I am forced into classing it on a par with Anthony Blair's comments made at a book launch prior to winning his first election.
I have referred to Blair's comments in Article 2/secart.html#blair.

"Brown's boost for Britain's army of carers"/ Kirsty Walker - 21 February 2007

"Why I've lost all faith in my fellow nurses"/ Bethann Siviter - 27 March 2007

"Shameful betrayal of our care home elderly"/ James Slack (Home affairs editor) - 15 August 2007

"Nursing without any care"/ Letters Special - 24 August 2007

"Care homes 'starve dementia victims of the time to talk'"/ Steve Doughty (Social Affairs Correspondent) -
27 November 2007

"THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS"/ Brian Calman's 'Good Health' interview - 11 December 2007
[An exposé of cruelty and neglect in Britain's care homes by Helen Seymour (a pseudonym). She had worked as an advocate for elderly people in London care homes and had witnessed the shocking treatment of vulnerable elderly residents by inept, callous care workers.]

"Nurses say they're too scared to blow the whistle on bullying or incompetent colleagues..."/ Kathleen Kent 'Good Health' - 27 May 2008

"Britain's Shame. Michael Parkinson recalls his mother's dementia"/ Michael Parkinson - 29 May 2008

"Better off dead? No, and here's the proof"/ Bel Mooney - 23 September 2008
[An article in response to Lady Warnock's claim that dementia patients have a duty to die.]

"So now our intellectuals think the old and frail have a 'duty to die'. Truly, we are on the path to barbarism"/ Melanie Phillips - 24 September 2008

"Under-fed and thirsty, life for care home OAPs"/ Alan Roden - 8 September 2009

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer


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