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New page July 2012.

As a Scot, it is appropriate to begin this page with a quote from the poem "Here's A Health To Them That's Awa" by my Nation's Bard; Robert Burns.

"Here's freedom to him that wad read,
Here's freedom to him that wad write!
There's nane ever fear'd that the truth should be heard
But they wham the truth wad indite"

Another relevant Burns quote is from his poem "To a Louse On Seeing One on a Lady's Bonnet at Church"

"O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us"

The inspiration for this sub-page to Links came from the existence of sites such as those in the top six links of the main Links page. Sadly, tragically, there have been some shocking cases of neglect and worse within the present UK NHS; and in those worst examples of "care-homes???". Some bodies seem to be trying to silence that which others have stated are the truths about irregularities. Like so many, I have numerous files and documents that would, undoubtedly, withstand any attempts to decry and disprove their asserted truths, and those attempts would probably be directed against them by said accused bodies. From various links/contacts through these, and other numerous sources, knowledge of NHS irregularities is brought to public attention. The sites provide detailed cases with plenty of evidence that is supportive of their claims. These stated websites are still only a few of those that refer to the failings within the NHS; its management; and the incompetent politicians.

The wealth of evidence in existence shows that these failings are endemic in a system that has been brought so low in certain regards by 13 years of socialist incompetence. It does not follow that the other established political parties within the UK are any more likely to be better at running society and its health service, and the electorate's estimation of them is probably correct in that so many are charlatans who are in politics to line their own pockets and rarely for any other reason!! The author/journalist/TV presenter Jeremy Paxman well describes their personality traits in his book "The Political Animal" which makes enlightening worthwhile reading and re-reading and...
This site offers practical and legal advice, and free information on a wide range of subjects. It makes representations to official bodies on issues related to the health service and has been working on representing case histories related to the inconsistent decision making practices of the General Medical Council. They also alleviate doctor/public isolation and by creating a strong internet group, information can be shared and individuals can be assisted immediately since information sharing is vital to assist each other.

There are self help articles offering free information for all and monitoring of issues of inequality in the NHS. A member of the group effected a change in GMC policy by ensuring ethnicity data is recorded to ensure future doctors have statistics to rely on when alleging discrimination against the General Medical Council. They aim to be in a position to make representations to GMC consultations and others within the National Health Service. Their aim is to listen to their members, to develop ideas and to present issues that are vital to grass root doctors and aim to consider the creation of a new trade union at some point in the future since, as they state, it has been long held that the British Medical Association does not serve the requirements of grassroots doctors.

On the site there are details regarding the four doctors who jointly authored a PDF regarding whistleblowing. They are Professor Stephen Bolsin, Doctor Rita Pal, Doctor Peter Wilmshurst, and Doctor Milton Pena.

Its title is:-
Whistleblowing and patient safety: the patient's or the profession's interests at stake?
A copy can be acquired here:-
The PDF was published by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

To those aware of nonsenses within the NHS, the following facts will be known;

Dr. Stephen Bolsin was a whistleblower on the Bristol babies cases. The GMC praised his actions but from my readings of the matter no official action was started on Dr. Bolsin's behalf to counter the NHS Trusts closing the door in his face to such effect that he had to uproot his whole family and go to Australia to acquire employment;

Dr. Rita Pal, a noted whistleblower, was the creator of which used to be live on the web. The book titled "The North Staffordshire Whistleblower - The Executive Summary" by the writer Rachel Radcliffe, details the trouble that Dr. Pal experienced in Ward 87 of City General Hospital, Stoke on Trent. The details of Dr. Pal's successful action against the GMC, which was apparently the first of its kind, can be read on the website, The reviews of the book on Amazon are in praise of Dr. Pal's actions for her patients. You will also find a short précis of her in the book titled "TRUST ME I'M (still) A DOCTOR", written by another whistleblower, Dr. Phil Hammond, and this book is the sequel to his book "TRUST ME I'M A DOCTOR". These types of books and websites make the most illuminating reading material;

Doctor Peter Wilmshurst (Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital) is the author of a PDF that is critical of the GMC. The PDF refers to the fact that the GMC action against Dr. Rita Pal effectively destroyed her career;

Doctor Milton Pena is another whistleblower of note. At an English hospital, he had repeatedly raised many issues with the management over a period of three years, but with no positive response. Fourteen consultants backed Dr. Pena and stated that the problem had been badly managed. Dr. Pena said that leaking details to the Press was a last resort. Senior Doctors stated that they lacked confidence in the management. Commenters on websites were mainly complimentary regarding Dr. Pena's action.
On their website, the nhsreformgroup describe themselves as:-

A grass roots NHS campaign group who believe that the National Health Service (NHS) should be improved, and that patients and relatives deserve a high standard of care and basic human rights. Their aim is to raise standards within the NHS by raising such concerns with political parties and relative forums. They provide information; support of patients/relatives; and give assistance in helping people to help themselves.

They strive to achieve the above by:-

raising the standards of NHS nursing care for vulnerable patients;
ensuring accuracy in NHS hospital statistics regarding mortality and healthcare improvements;
campaigning for good NHS palliative patient care;
raising awareness against involuntary euthanasia in NHS hospitals;
regulating diamorphine use in NHS hospitals and improving protocols governing "diagnosis of a dying patient";
providing information for patients/relatives enabling self help in pursuing an NHS complaint;
providing a support forum for the public to discuss all things connected with the NHS;
and by campaigning for an NHS Hospital Managers Regulatory Body.

There is a wealth of material on numerous subjects such as whistleblowing by medics and non-medics; the NHS Complaints Procedure; NHS errors/patient safety/patient abuse by some NHS staff; and the incompetence of NHS managers and Chief Executives.
The PDF referred to on "doctors4justice" can also be found via

The details below are those that are known to a large number of people with forum links. In comparison to the other given sites here, there is more detail since the other sites have not been forced off the web by that which some may say has been an immoral if not illegal action.

This site was created to record asserted anomalies, errors, failings and ongoing enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Thomas Milner with the goal of achieving truth and closure. The site was online until it was forced offline due to the actions of bodies referred to in Article 4. It was set up by Mrs. Janet Brooks, whose father, Mr. Thomas Milner, died in a specialist cancer ward in the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, England. The hospital's "accused of" failings are not unique, as many similar failings are noted in the Patients Association Report of August 2009.

Thomas Milner's NHS Palliative/End of Life care experience was briefly outlined - Case No. 6 - in the Patients Association Report 2009. Its PDF file name is:- Patients...not numbers, People...not statistics - August 2009.

Following diagnoses of Acute Myeloid Leuchaemia 6 months before, he was hospitalised on 7 January 2006 and died on the Palliative Care ward on the following 11 January. In those days, some events in the treatment of Mr. Milner were those that his family, and no doubt others, would surely say fell short of the compassion that should have consistently applied throughout that period. From admission until the afternoon of 10 January, Mr. Milner received care, attention and pain control, with extra as needed (PRN) pain control. The caring staff gave their best, but he was still agitated, breathless and in pain. A 10 January staff change came with a care change. The PRN pain control stopped, and he was restless and agitated. The provision of incontinence pads/other aids that previous staff had provided; a convene, pads to his back and other aids stopped. Mr. Milner was left lying in his own urine and blood; due to cancer he was haemorrhaging (bleeding) from the anus.

Relief came when the previous nursing team returned and they repeated the PRN and other aids as before. Sadly, on the morning of 11 January, the family's request for pain relief was met with a poor response from other staff stating that they would have to wait for the Doctor's round, even though Tom was clutching the sheets in his agony. Janet got the needed action by phoning her father's GP and that produced the very necessary provision of extra morphine. One hour later Tom Milner died.

As well as such indignities, on one occasion he was left sitting in a wheelchair for four hours while administrative forms were completed, and a large sacral bedsore went undressed for his last 2 days. Mr. Milner's family received apologies from the hospital for such treatment of Tom Milner, which I feel sure many people would describe as more than a little lacking in humanity:-

1. Leaving a dying man (40 hours from death) in a wheelchair for 4 hours whilst forms were filled in;
2. Leaving off a convene/pads during the last 2 days, which meant he was left lying in urine and blood;
3. Not having redressed a large sacral bedsore during the last 2 days of a patient's life whilst on the Care Ward.

Due to Janet Brooks persistence in her quest for consistent answers, and this coming to the attention of the NMC, the latter used their legal bodies to cause "tomsanguish" to be offline. Her website hoster was informed that the site was hosting defamatory content, which Janet Brooks denied and claimed that she was in possession of documents to the contrary and that the Human Rights Act gave her the right to freedom of speech and to voice her complaint. The anomalies are still being questioned by Mr. Milner's family on the website, which can be accessed via this site's Links page. The matter is apparently still not totally resolved.

Mr. Norman Cave, on his website, maintains that his wife Trelene was treated as a guinea pig, and that beyond any doubt it was research for the sake of research. He maintains that there was clear dereliction of duty and breach of care in the treatment of his wife. He states that there was neither consent, discussion, nor information sheets and that it was deception, lies and trickery on a grand scale; all in the name of research. He has no doubts that if it had happened in the USA then the doctors would have been serving long prison terms. Mr. Cave states that his wife lost four months of her life due to these research tests. In the Wandsworth Guardian newspaper of 16 April 2009, there was an article titled, Treated as a 'guinea pig', wherein Mr. Cave claimed that the GMC did not take his complaints seriously. Having taken his complaint to the GMC, it ruled that there were no grounds for complaint and the article referred to Mr. Cave lodging an appeal in the High Court.

It seems to be that which Mr. Cave refers to as being refused permission for and which he states as disturbing, but comments that perhaps disturbing is not the right word in the circumstances. He continues that Doctors hide behind the BMA (British Medical Association), which is their Union; that the hospital administration covered it up; then the GMC covered up that cover up; and the High Courts then rubber stamped it!

Mr. Cave poses the question - "What do they call it when you kill someone?"

The websites of Jan Ooms detail the medical neglect, errors and incompetences regarding his father Dirk and his wife Lilibeth. In each case history there is a similar statement by Jan Ooms that speaks volumes, as stated below. As well as this common factor, there is also the unsurprising indifference of politicians, both in parliament and the devolved assembly in Edinburgh, to whom Jan Ooms forwarded details. On his sites he speaks to these apologies for human beings called politicians in referring them to the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu:-

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor"

I shall leave you, the reader, to study the websites of Jan Ooms and consider all the evidence that he presents regarding the deaths of his father and his wife.

Dirk Ooms
He was taken into hospital on a wheelchair and came out in a coffin.

In the website regarding his father, which is full of detail, Jan Ooms refers to the following points:-

Unsubstantiated statements from the hospital;
Unsubstantiated opinion from the Ombudsman's assessors;
incorrect facts by the Ombudsman's assessors;
inaccurate statements from staff;
bias in the Ombudsman's report;
assessors had an unacceptable lack of knowledge about epiglottitis in adults;

and throughout the site, Jan Ooms presents a plethora of references to back up his case.

Lilibeth Ooms
She walked into hospital and was carried out in a coffin.

In the case of his wife, Lilibeth, he refers to medical errors, incompetence, misdiagnoses, involuntary euthanasia and the cover-up of the latter. An objective reading of the case history of Lilibeth Ooms would surely present a very sorry catalogue of disasters to a large number of people. Among the mistakes that he accuses the hospital of having made are the following:-

nondiagnosis of sclerosing peritonitis;
iatrogenic damage during surgery;
septicaemia post surgery;
poor dialysis management;
misdiagnosis of pericarditis;
unknown to both Jan and Lilibeth, the illegal (DNAR) order;
(Do Not Attempt Resuscitation);

and as before, Jan Ooms presents plenty of references to back up his case.

In the above cases, and numerous other similar examples, there is displayed that lack of common decency that is an irrefutable pre-requisite that one must have to be able to claim the title "HUMAN".

On top of that, to be able to claim the title Professional, one has to practise an unremitting dissecting self analysis looking for one's errors and short-comings with the purpose of removing and correction of same. I do not accept that all of those who claim that title match those requirements. In comparison to the ignorant ones among them, snootily looking down their noses upon the rest as working class, the latter have the capacity to be truly Professional. If one of the latter is "not pulling their weight", "swinging the lead", or "letting the side down", then they get told in no uncertain terms by their own. The former's mentality is to sweep it under the carpet as they must always appear to be faultless, and hence do their own the greatest disservice. If Shipman had been of a GP practice, then he would probably never have been heard of. Dame Janet Smith, who chaired the inquiry, said 9 years later that doctors could still get away with murder, and that there was a lack of progress.

To those who sully in the legal profession I would refer them to the weighty tomes of the Roman lawyer of times past, namely Marcus Tullius Cicero, and take their values to heart. I feel sure that the essence is shown in the speeches recorded n the novel "Pillar of Iron".

"On the Moral Law" and "On Manhood"

In the UK, there has to be a system as in France where medical staff can face criminal charges over medical errors and neglect. Doctors/medical staff must be open to yearly examination as to their fitness to carry out their job; similar to airline pilots. When Clinton was in the White House, it was proposed that such should be the case and the American medical profession was up in arms.

An appropriate comment on the failings of medical and political people referred to on this page are the words of a former Bishop of Truro, namely Bishop Charles W. Stubbs. The words first came to me in the book titled "The Christian Agnostic" written by the late Dr. Leslie D. Weatherhead of the Methodist Church. During the Second World War, Dr. Weatherhead C.B.E., M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt., D.D. was the Vicar of Temple Church in London. He went on to become the head of the Methodist Church. The book is a breath of fresh air. In the chapter titled "Judgment and Hell" he quotes the words of Bishop Stubbs. To all of those of the filthy "Political Correctness" mindset, and those within today's political and NHS management structures who soil moral values, the words bear an irrefutable relevance. They should deeply reflect upon them, consider their relationship to their past and present actions and take their truths to heart. Should the miscreant mentalities happen to read this, to whom the charges of immorality apply, I have little doubt that in their sickness they will sit, snigger and gloat about how cleverly devious they think they have been and are; and similarly sneer at the words of Bishop Stubbs. An appropriate comment regarding those people is that the cock would not just crow thrice, but also would develop laryngitis and then die from cancer of the oesophagus. Any human being can always give the one or two finger salute to another one or society, but it is impossible to do it to oneself.

I sat alone with my Conscience,
In a place where time had ceased;
We discoursed of my former living
In a land where the years increased,
And I felt I should have to answer
The questions it put to me,
And to face those questions and answers
In that dim eternity.

And the ghosts of forgotten actions
Came floating before my sight,
And the sins that I thought were dead sins
Were alive with a terrible might.
And I know of the future Judgment,
How dreadful so e'er it be,
That to sit alone with my conscience
Would be judgment enough for me!

Bishop Charles W. Stubbs

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer


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