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Page modified July 2012.

Listed below are Sunday Times articles showing the treatment that the elderly and carers are plague to in the UK. There are text links to sub-pages DailyMail, Books and ScotPress with similar articles and related material.

The Sunday Times

"Who cares" - August 1997 Series (Main News)
[This was a series of articles referring to the atrocious treatment of the elderly within nursing homes. It covered subjects such as callousness towards those suffering from dementia, utter heartlessness in general, abuse, and fleecing the elderly of their allowances.]

"Doctor, will you help me die?"/ Cherry Norton - 15 November 1998 (Main News)
[In this article, the study showed that the greatest per cent of doctors considered that they should have the right to bring about a patient's death without fear of prosecution.]

"They won't admit the truth about the NHS"/ Melanie Phillips - 18 July 1999 (Main News)

"Letting my father go"/ India Knight - 12 December 1999 (News Review)

"We're dying of our NHS delusions"/ Melanie Phillips - 12 December 1999 (Main News)

"Be careful not to take carers for granted"/ Joan McAlpine - 31 December 1999 (Main News)

"How they teach the nurses not to care"/ Melanie Phillips(The Cure Series) - 27 February 2000 (News Review)

"Revealed: cruelty by hospital staff"/ Mark Macaskill - 12 March 2000 (Main News)

"Doctor exposes abuse of elderly in hospital"/ Mark Macaskill and Jon Ungoed-Thomas - 2 April 2000 (Main News)

"To help the aged, get them out of hospital"/ Dr. Roger Bullock(The Cure Series) - 9 April 2000 (News Review)

"Paramedic tells of hospital leaving elderly to die"/ Lois Rogers (Medical Editor) - 16 April 2000 (Main News)

"The elderly are taken for a ride in a Labour grey area"/ Melanie Phillips - 30 April 2000 (Main News)

"The care that made my father look like a war victim"/ Rosie Waterhouse - 5 November 2000 (News Review)

"You deserved better, Peter"/ Eleanor Mills - 4 March 2001 (News Review)

"The only consolation in losing your mind"/ Margaret Driscoll - 16 September 2001 (News Review)

"They're operating in different worlds"/ Michael Woodhead - 14 October 2001 (News Review)

"Heaven help the elderly, because nobody else will"/ John Humphrys - 9 December 2001 (Main News)

"Doctors speak out: our hospital is appalling"/ David Cracknell (Political Editor) - 27 January 2002 (Main News)

"The care system that fails young Naomi, and a nation"/ John Humphrys - 21 April 2002 (Main News)

"There's menace behind the mercy of assisted suicide"/ Minette Martin - 26 January 2003 (Main News)

"Scots GP helped eight patients to die"/ Sue Leonard (Scottish Health Correspondent) - 26 January 2003 (Main News)

"Police to quiz nurse over 19 deaths"/ Lois Rogers (Medical Editor) - 13 April 2003 (Main News)

"THE REMOVAL BUSINESS"/ Kathy Brewis - 26 October 2003 (Sunday Times Magazine)

"Sickened by the nurses who don't care"/ Julia Magnet - 23 November 2003 (News Review)

"How the new money is making the NHS sicker"/ Harriet Sergeant - 8 February 2004 (News Review)

"Hospital kept pensioners on trolleys for up to 22 hours"/ Sue Leonard (Scottish Health Correspondent) - 22 February 2004 (Main News)

"Hidden scandal of 500,000 abused elderly"/ Jonathan Carr-Brown (Health Correspondent) - 18 April 2004
(Main News)

"Nurses are 'too clever' to care for you"/ Sarah-Kate Templeton - 25 April 2004 (Main News)

"Doctors 'dispatch' 25,000 each year"/ Sophie Kirkham - 19 September 2004 (Main News)

"Elderly are denied state funding in care scandal"/ Clare Francis - 26 September 2004 (Money)

"Politicians, heal yourselves before you start on the NHS"/ Jenny Hjul - 31 October 2004 (Main News)

"You do want to die before you get old"/ Jasper Gerard Interview of Baroness Warnock - 12 December 2004 (News Review)

"People could die before they get free care"/ Katie Grant - 2 April 2006 (Écosse)

"Scotland abuses its elderly"/ Gillian Bowditch - 25 June 2006 (Main News)

"My father looked like he'd just been in the trenches"/ Anne McFerran - 10 December 2006 (News Review)
[This article refers to Marilyn Payne and her winning of justice for her father who suffered neglect in a care home in England. The above article "The care that made my father look like a war victim"/ Rosie Waterhouse - 5 November 2000 (News Review) was the first report in The Sunday Times.]

"A Life in the Day"/ Caroline Scott - 15 April 2007 (Magazine)
[This article refers to Lauren Mallins, an eleven year old girl in England who cares for her mother. It tells of the troubles and the mental trauma that this child suffers and of the callousness of this UK in its despicable treatment of even its child carers.]

"Evidence of child labour in the UK" - 22 April 2007 (Main News)
[In the letters page, under the above heading, three letters were published from three English women, in response to the above article "A Life in the Day"/ Caroline Scott". Each of the letters deplored the hypocrisy of the UK in its treatment of carers.]

"Scots NHS and 462,000 'avoidable deaths' "/ Mark Macaskill - 3 June 2007 (Main News)

"The Killing Wards"/ Mark Macaskill and Chloe Adam - 3 June 2007 (Main News - Focus)

"Now wash your hands (and bedpans, and floors...)"/ Lois Rogers and Steven Swinford - 14 October 2007
(Main News - Focus)

"Exposed: filth and abuse in care home"/ Claire Newell - 4 November 2007 (Main News)

"You can change their lives"/ Caroline Scott - 25 November 2007 (Magazine)
[This is the magazine's cover story and describes at length the numerous problems experienced by children in being forced into caring for older relatives. One of the cases referred to is that of the eleven year old girl of the article above, namely, "A life in the Day" by Caroline Scott - 15 April 2007 (Magazine). In this cover story Rod Liddle has an article titled "BUT DOES THE GOVERNMENT GIVE A DAMN?". He quite rightly points out that for the past 10 years of New Labour there has been only empty mouthings and nothing constructive done towards helping carers; especially the child carers. These child carers are having their childhood stolen from them while the callousness of New Labour gives no end of help to the wasters and to the criminals who, in many cases, flood into this UK for free hand-outs. The Press have reported cases of foreign paedophiles who have been allowed to remain in this UK notwithstanding their hideous actions towards children.
The problems existing for child carers is The Sunday Times Christmas Campaign 2007.]

"Daughter saves mother, 80, left by doctors to starve"/ Sarah-Kate Templeton - 11 October 2009 (Main News)

The regular Sunday Times columnist John Humphrys' article on 9 December 2001 showed that the situation had not improved from when I was a carer, and at December 2007, was little better. At this date, July 2012, it is safe to state that regarding the consideration shown for the status of carers, the cared-for, and "especially the elderly" within the health service, then they who in their arrogance think themselves capable of running and leading society are as:-


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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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