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Scotland on Sunday

"NHS has a duty to care for us all"/ Editorial - 6 August 2000 (Main News)

"Life or death in A and E units down to age"/ Tom Peterkin - 6 August 2000 (Main News)

"Too old to be saved"/ Tom Peterkin - 6 August 2000 (The Week, Focus)

The Scotsman

"Exposed:growing scandal of abuse in nursing homes"/ Michael Howie - 16 July 2007 (Front page)

"How many of Scotland's old folk are being neglected?"/ Michael Howie - 16 July 2007

"Helpless victims get justice as uncaring nurses face prison"/ Michael Howie - 16 July 2007

"Attitudes still need changing"/ Ann Ferguson - 16 July 2007

The Herald

"Fury over drugs cocktail for care home mother"/ Brian Donnelly - 21 December 2009
[Care home staff misled doctors over the care of a 93 year old lady, who eventually died. The Ombudsman upheld the family's complaint that the medical practice and Fife Health Board should have raised the issue earlier with the NMC. Complaints had been put to the NMC and the Procurator Fiscal but both of those bodies declined to act.]

"Carers need more support, not less, for the often unpaid crucial work they carry out"/ Letters page - 16 September 2010
[Under the above title, the letter of the "Policy Officer for Scotland, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers" was printed. It criticised Cosla for showing a lack of understanding of carers' burdens, and referred to the increased burden that would land upon carers to ask them to do more, when they were already providing a vast contribution of unpaid for work. It also spoke of how carers prop up social/health services, yet were facing the possibility of cuts; being asked to pay more for more of the help they get; and having to fight for recognition and their right to a life of their own to some extent. It also criticised Cosla for assuming that families were able to carry additional burdens, and also that young carers could do more. There were young carers already caring where it was inappropriate for them to be forced into that role. As always, politicians, who appear to be the waste of evolution, refused to recognise the thousands of millions of Pounds worth of caring tasks that carers were providing. Again, as always, the wasters will waste resources on idiocy, stupid projects and displaying of their incompetence while lining their own pockets.]

"Cuts will impact severely on Scotland's army of unpaid carers"/ Letters page - 13 December 2010
[Under the above title, the letter of:-
Llyn Williams, policy Officer, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers;
Clare Cairns, co-ordinator, The Coalition of Carers in Scotland;
Fiona Collie, policy and parliamentary affairs manager, Carers Scotland;
was printed. It described the disastrous effects that would follow upon the planned actions of politicians.]

"Cuts to services leave 80% of unpaid carers worried"/ NEWS 13 June 2011

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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer


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