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Page modified July 2012.

Excarex began its life on the web being hosted on Yahoo Geocities from 6 February 2002. All pages were modified between June 2006 and October 2009. The first Site Map was added in June 2006, along with new sub-pages to the Home Page and Health Service Ombudsman page. Since the closing of Geocities in October 2009 it has been on its own domain. The pages 'Article 4', 'Article 5', 'DailyMail', 'Books', 'ScotPress', 'Links Info' and 'Links Direct' along with all page modifications are added at this date; July 2012. Every page has the capacity to access any page in a new window from the droplist at bottom right of the page.

July 2012

Site Map/sitma.html
This Site Map provides access to all pages with a précis of page contents.

The Home page states the reason for the creation of Excarex. It has five sub-page articles written by myself.

Article 1/firstart.html
Article 1 (November 2004), gives a précis of myself and examples of the failings of some professionals, both medical and political, and their incompetences that cause the troubles assailing carers in the onerous task of caring.

Article 2/secart.html
Article 2, (November 2004), gives details of the caring institutions/carers in the UK and their ongoing battle against self serving cliques of procrastinators, dissemblers and similar groups who can be, at times, ineffective and a handicap. So often they have no concept of exactly how it feels to be a carer and hence see the carer and the cared-for as items to be fitted into their detached "gobbledygook" socio-political framework. This includes an article which was written for a Carers National Association (Scotland) magazine and is included with the permission of the original author.

Article 3/thirdart.html
Article 3, (March 2009), is a true account of the failings of New Labour with regard to their deplorable policies of waste, incompetence and the manner in which those policies impacted and still impact upon the elderly and their carers. It also describes their policies of discrimination and racism against the indigenous nations of the UK in allowing all manner of foreign criminals to enter the UK and how the economic/financial damage thus caused has detracted from the proper attention and services that should have been available to the elderly/carers. All of the regular established political parties could undoubtedly be found guilty of these shortcomings. Furthermore, that so-called European Parliament/Commission which is apparently self-elected and self-deluded can equally be found guilty in its mis-guided actions of trying to destroy the sense of national identity in allowing free movement of all and sundry. This appears to be with little, if any, consideration for the detrimental effect on society of the spread of crime due to the uncontrolled unfettered movement of criminals. Little Denmark proved them to be out of touch with reality when it restored border controls in 2002 and reduced the number of immigrants, hence improving its financial standing. I have little doubt that the millions of kroner that foreigners were bleeding from the economy of Denmark was damaging the healthcare of its indigenous nation, and without much doubt the same effect occurred and is still occurring elsewhere within other lands.

Article 4/fourthart.html
Article 4 has been added at July 2012 and is mainly the e-mail that I sent to a carer who having found and read Excarex, responded by e-mailing me. The added comment concerns relevant details of the e-mail and other factors.

Article 5/fifthart.html
Article 5 has been added at July 2012. At the start of it, there are details of some of the instances that occurred regarding my mother's last five days and also on previous occasions, which upon reflection show lack of consideration for the elderly, and is par for the course in today's sick world. This text was previously part of the Comments page and has the links to noted professional academics/scientists with their views on aging and the future.

Age Concern/ageco.html
The Age Concern page is the long letter that I penned to them in response to their request for the general public to forward their experiences of neglect of the elderly within the United Kingdom.

Sunday Times/melsun.html
The Sunday Times page is the letter that I sent to Melanie Phillips, who was a regular columnist for the London Sunday Times. She had written many a telling article describing the disgraceful manner in which the elderly were being treated under the "New Labour" administration. She is a well known author who has written material about euthanasia. The same attitude still exists within this UK and recent Press material has reported the suggestion by a leading geriatrician that the elderly within official care should have no special attention directed towards their medical treatment, but instead should be left to die. Should such occur, then that would be a further despicable breach of the Fifth Commandment. A regular flow of Press articles report that within the NHS and Politics there is a mentality that still treats the elderly with callous contempt.

The CNA page is the letter sent to Carers National Association. This main letter has twelve links to sub-pages showing various relevant letters between medical professionals with regard to the condition of my mother's health at the time and the problems that were caused to both my Mother and myself as her carer due to the questionable attitudes/behaviour of medical professionals. They may be accessed as new windows via the said links allowing them to be read in conjunction with the main letter, or they can be accessed as full windows via this site map or via the text links at the foot of the CNA page and all CNA sub-pages. The appropriate point in the main CNA letter may also be accessed directly via this site map. Each CNA sub-page has a Main CNA button at bottom right which will return you to the relative point in the Main CNA letter, which will again give access to that sub-page in a new window.

CNA at sub-page Carnat 1/carnat.html#subone

sub-page Carnat 1/carnat1.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 2/carnat.html#subtwo

sub-page Carnat 2/carnat2.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 3/carnat.html#subthree

sub-page Carnat 3/carnat3.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 4/carnat.html#subfour

sub-page Carnat 4/carnat4.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 5/carnat.html#subfive

sub-page Carnat 5/carnat5.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 6/carnat.html#subsix

sub-page Carnat 6/carnat6.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 7/carnat.html#subsev

sub-page Carnat 7/carnat7.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 8/carnat.html#subeig

sub-page Carnat 8/carnat8.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 9/carnat.html#subnine

sub-page Carnat 9/carnat9.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 10/carnat.html#subten

sub-page Carnat 10/carnat10.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 11/carnat.html#subelev

sub-page Carnat 11/carnat11.html

CNA at sub-page Carnat 12/carnat.html#subtwel

sub-page Carnat 12/carnat12.html

The Health Service Ombudsman main page is a short summary of the NHS complaints procedure. The file list at the bottom of the main page and all Ombudsman sub-pages provides access to the sub-pages detailing the complaints process.

The following nine sub-pages cover the total complaints procedure.
Local 1a/locres1a.html

Local 1b/locres1b.html

Local 1c/locres1c.html

Local 1d/locres1d.html
Local 1a/b/c/d - the first stage (Local Resolution) of the Complaints procedure. These four pages show the numerous letters, in date/time order, over the inordinate period of seven months in my attempt to achieve consistent answers to the numerous questions in my mind.

The Independent Review - the second stage of the Complaints procedure. This page shows my letters requesting the Independent Review and the Convener's refusal. This procedure did not provide any real answers either, necessitating the complaint to the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman Procedure.
The first complaint put on my behalf by Glasgow Health Council led to rejection. Glasgow Health Council suggested that I should phone the Health Ombudsman's Office. I did so and was advised by a very pleasant female staff member that I should write to them since it could always be looked at again. Upon my writing to the Ombudsman, giving other facts, it was decided that an enquiry would be carried out.


Report/omrep.html#omremed (Medical evidence)

Report/omrep.html#omrenur (Nursing evidence)

Report/omrep.html#omretru (Trust evidence)
The full Health Service Ombudsman Report, as the top link, with the three links beneath which will lead to the sections in the Report showing the individual NHS staff evidence. At each staff evidence position, the heading link presents, in a new window, the cross reference to the relevant section of my Comments page.

The comments page (sub-page to both Ombudsman main page and its sub-page Report) contains my views on the medical staff evidence. At each staff evidence position, as in the Report page, the heading link presents, in a new window, the cross reference to the relevant section of the Report page.
Other comments, previously in this page, on some incidents relating to my mother's care during those last days are now in Article 5, titled "Care Comments and Future Views". Included are past examples on previous occasions that show the apparent unawareness of some medical staff with regard to the status of carers. There are also links via new windows to the scientific professionals with their views on the future.

The final page is the letter sent by me to the Ombudsman giving my requested views on the Report.

The Media page refers to various articles in The London Sunday Times with sub-pages DailyMail, Books and ScotPress referring to relevant material. The articles that I have noted are just a few of the numerous press cuttings that I have collected since my Mum's death.

Articles published in the Scottish version of the UK Daily Mail that show neglect of the elderly and the carers.

Books that I have read relative to being a carer and those that are part of my personal library.

Articles published in Scottish newspapers regarding the neglect of the elderly and their carers.

Links is not a links farm. It hopefully exists to provide a wide range of information sources for carers.
The links page provides links in new windows to a selection of UK NHS investigative websites, health/charity sites and search engines relevant to Excarex in the main page and the droplist. The link to '' triggers two new windows; one to the website's creator, Mrs. Janet Brooks, at her pages on, and one to Links sub-page Links Info/linfo.html which gives details as to the reason why '' may be found offline. Another four of the top links are of the same type of site as in that they reveal the failings of some of the medical profession, and of course the political irrelevancies and incompetents who are the source of the failings in the first place. There is a text link at the foot of Links to the same sub-page in a full window, wherein there are précis details of these sites.

Links Info/linfo.html
This sub-page provides a précis of the anomalies that the first Links on the main Links page detail in their content. The flow of this type of material is unending, and comes via the Internet health forums, News websites, and campaigning groups that highlight the glaring errors caused by politician and NHS management incompetence.

Links Direct
As advised by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C at I have created the sub-page to Links/linpag.html, namely Links Direct/lindir.html, wherein all links shown on can be accessed directly without involving JavaScript functions to open them in new windows. This sub-page to Links page allows direct access to the external sites referred to on should a browser not have JavaScript on their machine or it is disabled. The links in excarex are normally displayed in new windows through the use of JavaScript functions.

Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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