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Relative Elderly Neglect

13 March 2009

The high-lighted paragraphs beneath and before the details regarding an ex-carer, show the unnecessary waste of money which, if such was not the case, could be used to alleviate the problems that assail the elderly, their carers and ex-carers.

The following facts have all been recorded in The Daily Mail (UK) newspaper in the very recent past.

The carer reads the reports of numerous unjustified economic immigrants; asylum seekers; and plenty of illegal among them falling into this island, and more concern is shown for them than for the island's indigenous peoples, and those of other lands who have been here for years with their undoubted contributions to this UK.

3500 was recently squandered on fancy food for prisoners in an English jail and a number of them were/are terrorists, murderers, paedophiles, rapists, drug dealers and criminals of all kinds.
Gordon Brown wants to waste 5,800 million and 20,000 million on ID cards and an NHS Database system respectively.
On 5th March it was also reported that the present administration of New Labour is spending seven thousand million pounds every year on consultancy firms and millions are being squandered by benefit receivers on drugs.
Just this week, it was reported in the Daily Mail that New Labour, although now clawing the money back, had still paid millions in benefits to deceased.
Today, the 13th March 2009, it is reported that more money has to be despicably wasted at the behest of that EC collection in Brussels with their idiotic and possibly sinister attempt to flood this island with immigrants. This is to be accompanied by untenable increased benefits for some.

The ethnic crime being committed by these foreigners of numerous origins is at present costing the UK about 5,000 million pounds per year. The most senior police officer in Scotland, the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police, advised New Labour of the potential for crime being practiced by immigrants into the UK when there are no stringent checks being carried out. At present, all kinds of foreign criminal trash are being allowed unfettered access to Scotland. There is no doubt that the same madness is occurring all over this UK. If such sums of money were not being squandered due to this, then the following depredations which are at present being practiced against the elderly need not be happening.

The UK is forced to squander millions a day given to the EC which we would be far better out of, while the under-noted facts can happen to folk like this carer. Among those elderly there will also be people from other lands who settled here years ago, and will have contributed to Britain, assimilated and are being equally ill treated.

Simultaneously, New Labour are giving and intend to still give largesse to non-indigenous who do not even live here. Regarding the Press articles, one could not agree more. The Mail stated recently that Gordon Brown was giving plenty of pensions and benefits to non-domiciled Eastern Europeans while this present on-going obscene treatment of the elderly of the indigenous nations and peoples who have settled here continues.

All of the above deprives the elderly and carers in this UK even further and further.

This article details the problems that a large number of older people experience in everyday life. The current press outlets are at the moment printing numerous articles along the line of this subject. It probably will also apply to some who while simultaneously caring have the following financial troubles and potential deep hardship thrown callously into their laps by the actions of political parties, especially this present administration of New Labour. There will undoubtedly be carers in their 70s and 80s, who having displayed diligence and self-discipline all of their lives due to their strength of character and the values of their upbringing, are now finding in their later years that they are receiving that utterly hateful and despicable 'PUNCH IN THE MOUTH'.

The given details below are presently in the offing and apply to a known ex-carer.

The Pensions Credit con.

With reference to an article in the Daily Mail of 21 January 2008 on the subject of the 'Pensions Credit con' the journalist, Ian Drury, like another journalist of the Money Mail section, James Salmon, hit the nail on the head. It needs a full frontal assault on this despicable 'New Labour' government to utterly shame them into changing the means testing rules. The last paragraph of Ian Drury's article quoted Lord McKenzie's words showing the total nonsense of the present administrations' ignorance, idiocy and callousness. Lord McKenzie, Labour's work and pensions spokesman in the Lords, said: 'The formula is not intended to represent any rate of return that could be obtained from investing capital'. The article of Ian Drury can be presently read at the Daily Mail website using the search term 'pension credit con' under the title:-

Pensions credit 'con' punishes 550,000 as Government exaggerates interest on savings.

The articles written by James Salmon on the same subject can also be read online at the website under the following titles:-

Government pension sums unfairly punish the elderly - 9 December 2008,

Pensioners snared by interest rate trap - 17 December 2008,

Elderly snared by interest trap: Pensioners losing right to Pension Credit and Council Tax Benefit because of rate cuts - 19 December 2008.

The New Labour administration could be made to about turn on this just as they have been forced to do regarding the lot of them keeping their expenses secret.

There are plenty of older people than this known ex-carer and probably in a worse financial state. The person is a senior citizen, with experience of the benefit system which can be echoed by many who are in a similar position. It will also be a problem for many much older carers where the benefit system causes them to be kept and/or driven into increasing poverty. It is probably a contributory factor to the reason as to why numerous senior citizens do not claim any help.

The reasoning behind the rules that govern benefits and the calculations that determine the amount that will be paid are out of touch with reality and cause unnecessary poverty.

When being regarded as a carer for an elderly relative, the person was and had been for a number of years unemployed although not on benefits of any kind having some redundancy and savings and an old fashioned upbringing of "looking after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves", and consequently had never squandered money.

The Doctors at the major hospital and at the surgery both considered the person as their relative's carer and this was long before the carer ever learned of the term carer. Of course, due to a basic lack of communication skills within the medical profession, the carer was never told by any medical staff that they looked upon this carer as being their relative's carer. The proof of this is in medical records.

Carers were those who in about 1999 were considered to be saving the UK about 53,000 million a year. To the query in google "money carers work saves the taxpayer" the first return states the figure of 87,000 million at 29 August 2008.

If the carer had had a job there is little doubt that that would have had to be given up to care at some point. Numerous carers are forced into doing just that. It was only by accident that the carer discovered Attendance Allowance for their elderly relative which was awarded and by further accident discovered Invalid Care Allowance.

While receiving ICA automatic NI contributions were awarded and there were a few more after their elderly relative's death when the carer worked for 5 to 6 weeks as a care assistant in a residential home in 1999.

If Attendance and ICA allowances had been known of then the carer would probably have a larger State Pension due to be paid soon. As you probably know, from 60 to 65 there is automatic add-ons. In previous years to this there was a shortfall due to missed payments when the carer was unemployed and although letters had been received informing the carer of it, they also stated that it might not be worthwhile to take action.

In the time since their elderly relative's death some years ago, the Department of Works and Pensions wrote to inform the carer that they possibly could be entitled to Guaranteed Pension Credit. Since the carer had been living on savings with rent and council tax taking large amounts out of them with no Housing or Council Tax Benefit, application was duly made and although there were savings it was awarded, with a years back payment. The amount was reduced from the full amount at that time due to the deductions related to those "means testing" rules. As you know, it also entitles the recipient to full Housing and Council Tax Benefit. Under those conditions there was a small Council Tax sum to pay and rent was covered.

Last November, The Department of Works and Pensions by phone talked the carer through the application for the State Pension. It is a reduced sum due to the shortfalls and the carer was told that even if Pension Credit was deferred it would still be considered by Pension Credit as being received and it would reduce the Pension Credit.

When the carer was in their early twenties in 1967, a long term savings plan was started and on maturing produced its return. The Pension Credit was never squandered since the carer's upbringing was based upon living sparsely and carefully, and savings duly rose which steadily reduced the Pension Credit. The savings plan reduced the Pension Credit to a very small figure, and the carer was informed that when the State Pension starts getting credited to the bank account in the near future then the combination of those two will cancel the Pension Credit. This means that the carer will lose all Housing and Council Tax Benefit at a stroke. They will be thrown back onto living only on cash resources and although they will not be broke will experience that steady reduction of capital, which will not be earning much as an investment. It is the same as numerous other people under this present system who make the effort to aid themselves by practicing self-discipline and diligence and get that 'punch in the mouth' for it. Now, at the end of March, that looms ahead along with doubtless increasing poverty due to rising rent and Councils raising Council Tax.

DWP staff said that it does seem unjust but those are the rules and it was suggested that it should be brought to the attention of the MP at Westminster. This was done, but obviously referring to the Pension/Benefit rules the MP seemed to think that the manner in which New Labour operate the rules is acceptable and reasonable. Both DWP and the MP were questioned as to Savings Credit being possible but was told that that only applied to State and private pensions. The MP expressed the view that the roughly total capital that the person has is a substantial sum and that it could be lived on until it was eroded, and at the appropriate time the credit system would switch in again. While not being a miniscule sum, it is not Fort Knox. If people practice that diligence and self-discipline as has been done, of creating a long term savings plan and not wasting money, this is the reward. If the carer had been a person who wasted money on drink, drugs, profligate living, with a selection of 100 plus trainers and fancy mobile phones then there is little doubt that the above would probably not be in the offing and somehow or other the State would provide, as it so readily does to parasite wasters both of the indigenous nations and the foreigners who are so often here just to use and abuse this UK.

Some form of means testing is to be expected but the rules are totally out of touch with reality. The following two points are the two crucial factors which need attending to and the unjustness removed. If they didn't exist as they stand then the outcome in the near future would not be in the offing.

Point One:-The rules state that every 500, OR PART OF 500, is considered to produce 1 of income a week. In the case of 500 that is 52 per year and is a return of 10.4%. What Bank/Building Society/other investment will produce that? Take the similar calculation down to 1 where the return of 52 per year is 5200%. This is not only unreasonable - it is grossly unjust and some may say EVIL. The income that should be considered as being brought in is any income that could be achieved by the money invested in the market place of Bank/Building Society/other accounts. This has always caused the Pension Credit to be much reduced since it was never wasted.


Point Two:-The State Pension that people receive, at whatever figure, has been produced over many years from contributions. It should stand alone and not be taken into account in the calculations for other benefits. If it should be taken into account, then it should be considered similar to the afore mentioned savings plan and looked upon as part of 500 pounds bringing in one pound a week.

On 17 February 2009, I wrote a letter to the Daily Mail (Scottish Edition) regarding the failings of politicians within the Scottish Executive and the Westminster Parliament. My letter was in response to an article in the Daily Mail regarding this treatment of the elderly. In the letter I referred to the state of this UK under New Labour. It was printed in the Daily Mail of 24 February 2009 with the salient points that I referred to.

I reproduce the edited letter below.

Holyrood Hoods

What a despicable state Britain has been reduced to under New Labour, where millions are being squandered on individuals who have no intention of doing anything with their lives.

It doesn't surprise me the so-called Parliament of 'Holyrood Hoods' does nothing since they have proved themselves to be a waste of time and money.

The devolved assembly could have pushed for the power to change the means testing rules regarding benefits and shamed the main Government at Westminster into doing likewise.

Instead, we have a situation where senior citizens are dying from fuel poverty while 'the Hoods' feather their own nests.


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Iain R. Stewart, Ex-Carer

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